Quality Assurance

At Love My Earth, we are committed to bringing our customers the most pure, potent and effective herbs, spices & mixes that we possibly can.



All of our products are 100% Organic, pure & natural. No added fillers, preservatives, sulphites, or additives. Just 100% PURE organic spices. Our herbs are ethically and sustainably sourced, and cultivated in line with earth-first principles - they are grown in their homeland of India, where the environmental impact is greatly reduced due to it being the plant's natural habitat. See our community upliftment page for more info on the communities you support through Love My Earth.



Our processing facility in India adheres to international processing standards. We are 100% ACO certified.



We place a lot of focus on the quality and purity of our products because we don’t just sell them, we give them to our own families. Poor quality spices & food products are not only a waste of money, but they also have the potential to be hazardous to our health. Spices that are not carefully grown and processed often contain high levels of toxic compounds like heavy metals, moulds or pesticides and fillers. Possibly even worse than this, such inferior quality herbs will not have the intended therapeutic effect.



Our products are 100% ACO certified organic and don't use any toxic pesticides.



We do not irradiate our herbs.