Nourishing Dahl

Nourishing Dahl

This easy dahl recipe is perfect for this rainy weather we’re having here on the Sunshine Coast! 

High in fibre and a wonderful source of plant-based protein as well as folate and potassium, this meal will support your digestive system and fuel beneficial gut bacteria.

You will feel satisfied and nourished after tucking into this recipe!


1 cup lentils
1L liquid (we like to use 600ml water/400ml coconut cream)
2 tsp mustard seeds
1 heaped tablespoon of Shahi Korma or Mild Curry Mix
2 cups roughly chopped veggies
1 tomato
Ghee as required
Salt to taste

You can add garlic, chilli and curry leaves for extra flavour!


  1. Heat ghee in a large saucepan, add garlic, chilli, curry leaves and mustard seeds and fry until fragrant.
  2. Add your fave chopped veggies, lentils and salt to taste.
  3. Add water and coconut milk
  4. Cook for 30 mins on low-medium heat, stirring occasionally. Alternatively, you can use a large slow cooker!

You can serve with things like:

•  Yoghurt and fresh herbs  

•  Basmati rice  

•  Quinoa

•  Roast Vegetables

•  Zucchini pasta

•  Flat bread

•  Roasted cauliflower

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