Easy Indian Banquet

Love My Earth Indian Banquet

Creating a healthy and easy to cook Indian banquet at home is easy with Love My Earth's organic curry mixes. All natural ingredients and these easy to follow recipes will have you creating Indian inspired meals in no time. 



1. Try these 3 meals together to create the perfect dinner spread for your next dinner party - Bombay Lamb Shanks, Signature Vegetable Korma and Basmati Rice. 
2. Get started in the morning with the Bombay Lamb Shanks. Cook over the course of the day on low so the meat infuses with flavour. Follow the preparation instructions here.
3. In the afternoon start on the Vegetable Korma and get simmering about 1 hour before guests arrive. 
5. Serve with healthy sides - a yoghurt, fresh herbs and even a chutney or coriander sauce. 
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