Gluten Free Naan Bread

Gluten Free Naan Bread

This recipe is perfect for someone who loves naan but is gluten free (or dairy free!). With three simple ingredients plus an organic spice mix, you will love this alternative!


  •      ½ cup of almond meal
  •      ½ cup of tapioca flour
  •      1 cup of coconut cream
  •      1 tablespoon of Love My Earth Spice Mix
  •      Pinch of salt
  •      Oil for cooking


  1.     Add dry ingredients to a bowl.
  2.     Add coconut cream to the bowl and mix together.
  3.     Add 1/3 of a cup of mixture to fry pan and fry in your choice of oil.
  4.     Flip until golden on both sides.


Serve these savoury as a side to a curry.

Serve sweet with fruit, yoghurt or honey instead of spice mix.

Batter can stay in the fridge for 3 days.  

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