I try to keep up my intake of spices all year round, as the health benefits keep me feeling good from the inside out and my meals full of flavour. 

Spices are our medicine, I try to use spices every day in my cooking. The health benefits are phenomenal! 

Here are my top 20 ways I keep Spices in my diet all year round. 

  1. Fry your omelette or eggs in curry powder.
  2. Add to vegetable or meat fritter mixtures.
  3. Coat your vegetables and oven roast.
  4. Add to your apple sauce to use with meat dishes.
  5. Use in chutneys or relishes. 
  6. Use dry as a meat rub and cook on the bbq.
  7. Mix with oil as a marinade for bbq meat.
  8. Add to pancake mix for a savoury option.
  9. Add to mayonnaise for curried eggs.
  10. Put a pinch of curry powder in your pizza dough- just find the right proportion of curry powder: dough for your taste: you will be amazing how great it is!
  11. Add a teaspoon to your rice before cooking -Adds great flavour and colour.
  12. Sprinkle curry powder in ghee or oil and drizzle over stir-fried vegetables.
  13. Roast nuts and seeds in a sprinkle of curry powder.
  14. Use in soups -Pumpkin and carrot is my favourite.
  15. Use in dips to add flavour -Hummus, roast carrot or beetroot.
  16. Use to flavour homemade popcorn.
  17. Use it in Mexican to spice up your beans.
  18. Use in lasagne to add flavour -I add it to my bechamel sauce or the meat sauce.
  19. Add to bread mixtures or muffins to add flavour.
  20. Use in potatoe salad, rice salad, roast vegetable salads, couscous salads.

Try incorporating organic spices into your next meal using Love My Earth's certified organic spice mixes and dahl blends. 

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