Spiced Indian Eggs

Spiced Indian Eggs

Our twist on a morning favourite! Yummy eggs ... with a little curry kick.


(Serves 2)

4 eggs
4 dashes of cream or milk
1 small tomato
1 small red onion
Handful of coriander 4 curry leaves if you have on hand
Generous amount of ghee
Pinch of salt

Tandoori drizzle: 

1 teaspoon of Love My Earth Curry Powder (we used Tandoori)
Dash of olive oil


1. Drop the ghee and curry mix into a warm pancake maker If you don’t have a pancake maker use a fry pan that can go in the oven).

2. Add the onion, tomatoes, coriander and curry leaf. Fry gently until fragrant spread around the pan.

3. Add egg mixture and cover other ingredients in the pan.

4. Cool for a few minutes and then put under the grill to cook the top until golden. 

Top with the tandoori drizzle and serve with buttery toast!

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